Case Study:

Carbon fibre structural reinforcement

Project location: 110 Oxford Street, London – Lloyds Bank

The problem

The redevelopment of a retail store into a bank required the removal of a large triangular area of floor to gain stair access and a sense of space to the basement and ground floors. Stress UK were commissioned to design and install a carbon fibre structural reinforcement system to enable the ground floor slab to span safely. Analysis showed that due to the relatively thin slab, the size and shape of the hole, the position of remaining down stand beams and columns that the carbon fibre alone would not suffice.

The solution

Stress UK then designed and installed a composite scheme of carbon fibre and conventional steel work to provide the necessary elegant stiffening and support required.

The scheme provided a very cost effective solution which with the rapid installation allowed the main contractor Styles and Wood to maintain their tight programme.

The benefits of carbon fibre structural reinforcement

  • High-tech material used in aerospace, motor sport and construction
  • At least 12 times stronger than iron under tension
  • Light weight, comparatively easy to handle
  • Woven in single uni-directional strands.
Carbon fibre structural beams

Carbon fibre structural beams

We positioned the carbon fibre structural beams system to support the ceiling where the old triangular wall had been removed.

Steel beam strengthening

Steel beam strengthening

The design for the carbon fibre reinforcement was supplemented by additional steel beam strengthening.

Completed bank in Oxford Street, London

Completed project in Oxford Street, London

Once all the necessary strengthening was complete the basement area could be easily accessed with the benefit of a renewed sense of space.