Case Study:

ReFORCE Ground Anchoring

Project location: Pillowell, Gloucestershire

Ground anchoring solution for a traditional stone retaining wall

The property featured a three metre high stone retaining wall which provided support to Corner Lane carriageway.

The problem

The stone wall had been showing signs of bulging and fracturing probably as a result of more frequent and heavier lorries accessing the small industrial estate the end of the lane. Rebuilding it would not only prevent traffic from reaching the houses and commercial units along the lane but would also destroy the garden below and affect the house at the foot of the wall.

The solution

Stress UK designed a strengthening system to amalgamate horizontal and vertical Helifix masonry reinforcement and GeoInnovations ReFORCE ground anchors. The rehabilitation of the wall was carried out over a ten day period without disrupting traffic, disturbing services in the road or destroying the garden.

The benefits of ReFORCE chemical grouting and ground anchoring

  • Safe, rapid and economic installation
  • Fully engineered solution for each contract
  • Extremely low disturbance to property
  • Fixed cost
  • 12 year insurance backed guarantee
Traditional stone wall showing cracks and damage

Stone retaining wall

Three metres high and supporting a road to the other side of the boundary.

Helifix masonry reinforcements

Helifix masonry reinforcements installed

Helifix masonry reinforcements were carefully installed to strengthen the stone wall

Horizontal and vertical strengthening

Horizontal and vertical strengthening

The wall required strengthening on both horizontal and vertical axes.

Approved Helifix installers

Approved Helifix installers

As approved Helifix installers we ensured the wall was strengthening carefully with the minimum visual impact.

Preparation for injection

Preparation for injection

ReFORCE ground anchor in position ready for permeation grout injection

Completion to a high aesthetic standard

Completion to a high aesthetic standard

The stone retaining wall was rehabilitated in keeping with it’s original traditional finish.