Bridge Strengthening and Restoration

Alongside our sister company GoldHawk Bridge Restoration we have designed a patented bridge strengthening and restoration system that will not only ensure the bridge continues to be safe for many years to come, but also increases its load bearing capacity significantly.

When might you require a bridge strengthening and restoration solution?

Over time, and without maintenance, arch bridges and subsurface vaults deteriorate as a result of vibration, thermal movement, and commonly, water percolation leaching out lime from the mortar joints.

Alongside the maintenance issues, there is also an opportunity to increase carrying capacity – a high proportion of the UK’s road, rail, river and canal bridges are old masonry arch structures designed many years ago to carry light freight and passengers safely over obstacles. The MARS (Masonry Arch Reinforcement and Strengthening) system can be used to upgrade the capacity to support significantly larger loads.

How it is done using the MARS system

The MARS system is the most efficient arch strengthening and restoration technology available to restore and enhance masonry arches. Our arch strengthening experts carry out detailed inspections of your site, deliver personally prepared technical reports and design the remedial or strengthening systems required – our portfolio currently includes:

  • MARS patented system of design and installation (patented by Goldhawk Bridge Restoration Ltd.)
  • Helifix masonry reinforcement
  • iGap – a unique system that combines Helifix pinning and Normet water control.

We supply teams of highly experienced installers and supervision staff to complete your project to the highest standards.

The benefits of the MARS bridge strengthening and restoration system

  • Suitable for stone and brick built masonry arches
  • Minimal disruption – no need to shut the bridge whilst work is underway
  • Minimal carbon footprint with sustainable design
  • Perfect for listed or historic structures