Carbon Fibre Strengthening

STRESS has trained engineers and technicians capable of designing and installing carbon fibre strengthening plates and wrapping fabric in the most challenging locations and circumstances. These revolutionary systems are the perfect solution to common structural issues; quick to install and with minimal visual impact.

Our services include:

  • Pre-installation survey
  • Computer engineered designs
  • Installation by qualified teams

Benefits of carbon fibre strengthening:

  • Over 10 times the stiffness of steel
  • Proven durability – high-tech material used in aerospace, motor sport and construction
  • Reduced need for heavy lifting equipment – light weight, installed in long lengths.

Carbon fibre plate bonding

Reinforced concrete structures can be strengthened cost effectively and rapidly using carbon fibre plate bonding. Strategically placed carbon fibre strengthening plates in thicknesses from 2mm to 40mm can be bonded to concrete elements to provide significant increases in carrying capacity and stiffness.

Carbon fibre wrapping

To increase the load carrying capacity of reinforced concrete columns, carbon fibre sheet can be wrapped around the concrete in a series of over-lapping layers. Where there is an element of corrosion in the structure, carbon fibre wrapping can be used to both weather-proof corrosion and structurally re-enforce the structure. It’s a cost effective, clean and un-intrusive solution to a common structural problem.