Foundation and slab levelling

Differential settlement of ground bearing rafts and slabs s a common problem. The causes vary from ‘wash-out’ due to leaking drains and channels to inconsistently compacted fills and/or varying loadings.

When would you require this solution?

  • Out of level ground bearing rafts, slabs and r.c. footings
  • When re-levelling slabs and buildings extends the economic life of the structure
  • To overcome future settlement problems.

The ReFORCE solution

We offer two remedial techniques for solving this problem:

  1. ReFORCE jacking
    Vertically piling through an existing surface structure (as above) and using a combination of unique jacking sleeves and the new ‘cured’ pile to lift the existing slab to the required height. This removes the need to re-lay the slab and minimises the inconvenience to the client. (For more detail click here)
  2. Chemical slab levelling
    Small diameter holes are drilled in the slab and an expanding resin is injected at pre-determined amounts underneath to lift/stabilise the slab where required.

Advantages of our slab levelling system

  • High load bearing capabilities
  • Extremely low disturbance to property and occupants
  • Safe, rapid and economic installation
  • Can be installed in tight spaces with low headroom
  • Fixed cost
  • No disturbance to intact drainage systems
  • Fully engineered solution for each contract

The ReFORCE permeation systems provide carefully engineered, proven, efficient and economic solutions for underpinning buildings and structures, anchoring retaining walls and stabilising non cohesive soils. Our system generates its capability from the patented lance delivery system and the specifically engineered geotechnical resin. The quantity, depth and pressure of resin delivery can be controlled exactly which ensures continuity from the pile base to the intimate contact with the underside of the existing footing or slab.

STRESS has established itself as a leading provider in the UK of ground stabilising and foundation repair solutions. Our Foundation Rescue division provides a nationwide guaranteed service for underpinning.