Retaining Wall Rehabilitation

In addition to foundation repair problems, STRESS also specialise in retaining wall rehabilitation, strengthening and repair. We are licenced installers of the ReFORCE ground anchor. When combined with Helifix masonry reinforcement systems, unstable retaining walls can often be successfully rehabilitated.

When would you require retaining wall rehabilitation?

To stop a retaining wall from moving, cracking and/or bowing and to increase lateral capacity

How is it done?

ReFORCE ground anchors comprise bespoke high strength steel lances, driven through small diameter holes in the retaining wall to designed depth. The ground anchor block is then formed by injecting a geotechnical resin into the ground.

Advantages of the ReFORCE ground anchoring system:

  • High load bearing capabilities
  • Extremely low disturbance to property and occupants
  • Safe, rapid and economic installation
  • Fixed cost
  • No disturbance to intact drainage systems
  • Fully engineered solution for each contract
  • The ReFORCE permeation systems provide carefully engineered, proven, efficient and economic solutions for underpinning buildings and structures, anchoring retaining walls and stabilising ground non cohesive soils.

The ReFORCE permeation engineering system generates its capability from the patented lance delivery system and the specifically engineered geotechnical resin. The quantity, depth and pressure of resin delivery can be controlled exactly which ensures continuity from the column base to the intimate contact with the underside of the existing footing or slab.

STRESS has established itself as a leading provider in the UK of ground stabilising and foundation repair solutions. Our Foundation Rescue division provides a nationwide guaranteed service for underpinning.