Masonry Strengthening and Restoration

Stress UK can provide tailored masonry strengthening and restoration solutions to benefit a wide range of structures where structural failure is evident – from bridges to follies. We have a strong case history of projects and are constantly innovating new techniques to make the process more efficient and cost effective for the client.

When would you require this solution?

The visual signs of fracturing in masonry, brickwork and stonework can be caused by foundation movement, thermal stresses, structural movement, roof spread, lack of lateral tying and earth pressure.

How is it done?

We provide a first class design and repair service combining installation of Helifix masonry reinforcement products, resin bonding, course re-alignment and arch refurbishment to all types of structures from houses to bridges.

Heritage restoration

Commonly churches, historic buildings and bridges suffer from similar problems to stonework, masonry and brickwork. We provide structural solutions recognised and approved by the National Trust and English Heritage.

STRESS are frequently entrusted to repair and strengthen damaged domestic or commercial precious landmark structures including National Trust and English Heritage sites. Using our team of fully-trained technicians, experts and conservators, we ensure quality in every project.

Masonry strengthening

Masonry arches, bridges, viaducts and culverts can all be repaired, restored and strengthened by STRESS’s sister company Goldhawk Bridge Restoration. All arches can be structurally analysed using unique programmes and an economic strengthening regime designed to suit the client’s requirements. The MARS system is well known for providing significant increases to the load carrying capacity of masonry arches as well as providing structural repairs to cracking.

Combining Helifix’s DryFix ties and Normet TamPUR150 resin Stress UK are installers of the iGap system which provides strengthening and water control to masonry arches such as bridges, tunnels and culverts.

Pointing matching

As well as restoring and strengthening brickwork and masonry, Stress UK provide a heritage quality pointing matching service using historic lime mortars and more recent cement based mixtures.