Structural Steel

Our wealth of experience enables us to develop working solutions for all kinds of structural steel including bridges, buildings and viaducts.

Mild steel framed structures

Mild steel framed buildings, bridges and structures require periodic maintenance and occasionally strengthening or alteration. STRESS provides a fabrication and installation service together with refurbishment including surface preparation and re-coating for weather protection.

Architectural stainless steel

STRESS can design, supply and fit stainless steel components for all types of construction and architecture from support elements to guard rails.

Reinforcement and strengthening of structural arches

Goldhawk, our masonry bridge strengthening division provides analysis, design and installation of the patented MARS system, using Helifix stainless steel helical bar. Safe loading of arches can be taken up to 40 Tonne average.

Steel plate bonding

Steel reinforcement in concrete and structural strengthening of steel structures by the bonding of steel plates can provide clients with a very cost effective and space saving solution.