Structural Waterproofing

We employ specialist engineers and technicians who are highly trained in all areas of damage to structures by water both above and below the ground. Having over 20 years experience in solving water ingress and penetration problems, STRESS uses specialised techniques and products from leading manufacturers.

Structural leak sealing

STRESS’s specialist engineers and technicians are highly trained in stemming leaking water into, out of and through structures. Bridges, tunnels, basement vaults, ducts, water treatment works, swimming pools and other civil and commercial structures.

Controlling water penetration

Careful injection of polyurethane and/or acrylic resin in masonry structures can provide a very cost effective method of controlling water penetration to prevent structural degradation. This method is particularly effective in masonry bridges and arched vaults.

Water damage repair

We provide the insurance market with a flood refurbishment service bringing water damaged properties back to life.

Structural waterproofing

STRESS can provide through the White Tank System by DryTech – a guaranteed waterproofing system to new build underground structures.

Repelling water from concrete and brickwork

Specialist coatings will prevent substrates becoming saturated with rain whilst allowing construction products such as stone, concrete and brickwork to breathe. This protection reduces the effects of air borne pollutants and prevents the build-up of deposits.